Organic dyed clothing line in China hits shelves

China has launched a line of organic dyed cloths in the country to promote its booming natural-resource sector, with the government promising a better living standard for consumers.The products, which have been designed to look natural, have been launched in three provinces, the Xinhua news agency reported, citing a ministry statement on Saturday.The ministry said

The World’s First Organic Dyeed Clothing, It Makes Me Smile

Dyeing clothing is a popular way to make clothes that are less expensive and less messy, but many people have concerns about the long term effects of the dyeing process.As the process has gotten more sophisticated, the use of organic dyes is becoming more popular.While organic dyeing is not always a bad thing, it can

The 10 worst-dressed Americans

Dressed to impress, they have the wrong clothes for the job.¬†1.¬†Fashionably dressed.2.Dressed like a teenager.3.Dress like an idiot.4.Dresses like a school teacher.5.Disco-dwelling.6.Dressing like a stripper.7.Dancing.8.Dumb.9.Daring.10.Dismissively dressed.What do you think?The Huffington Post asked readers for their take on this week’s list.Read the full HuffPost Style story here.