Watch the latest footage of ‘Blood, Dye, and Clothing’ on Netflix

Netflix has released a new trailer for its original series Blood, Dyes, and Clothes.

The trailer, titled ‘The New Blood’ features footage of the series’ characters, including Blood, a man who wears a blood-drenched suit and carries a bloodstained netflix account.

“It’s the ultimate crime thriller in its own right,” the series description reads.

“We’ve come up with the perfect crime drama that’s sure to thrill fans and get their blood pumping.”

Netflix has just released a teaser for the series, which has been produced by its original creators, writer/director Rob Tapert and executive producer Rob Taport.

“Blood, dye and clothing is a crime thriller set in the present day where there are new ways of making money,” the description continues.

“But don’t expect the usual suspects, nor the usual bad guys, in this one.

The people you’ve come to know and love are on the other side of the law.

In this dark world, no one is safe.”

Blood, dyes, clothes and netflix is a series about two women, a fashion designer and a fashion stylist, who are recruited by a mysterious man to investigate a murder that has occurred.

The two women are joined by a detective and an assistant and have a hard time figuring out what is really going on.

Netflix will release ‘The Blood, Dyed, and Chlorinated’ on February 27, 2019.