How to make your clothes purple

Woad dyed cloth City, a brand of cloths, has introduced a purple dye that will be used in its clothing.

The company says that its purple dye is designed to help prevent the buildup of water in fabrics, which can lead to them getting sticky and looking brown.

It will also give the garments a softness and texture.

The purple dye has a long history in the beauty industry, and is made from organic and renewable sources.

Woad’s purple dye, which it calls Purple Glow, is made of a combination of three pigments: red, yellow and blue.

Woad’s dye is said to be the first to be specifically formulated to prevent water buildup in fabrics and provide softness, elasticity and comfort.

The company said that its dye is meant to be a gentle washcloth and is not meant to cause any irritation.

Woad said that it has worked with leading experts to develop a process to create the dye.

It has also developed a proprietary packaging process, which means that the dye is only released into the environment once it is mixed into the cloth, and that it does not contain any preservatives.

Warm water and a gentle touch will help prevent fabrics from turning brown, said Woad.

“We have partnered with a number of top research institutes, including the University of Edinburgh, to identify and investigate best practices for sustainable water treatment for clothing, which are being applied to a range of products,” Woad said in a statement.

“We believe that we are well positioned to address water use in our business, which includes a range in clothing, products, and packaging.”

Woad is hoping that the company’s Purple Glow will help in its fight against global water scarcity.

The dye is currently available to buy in its stores and online for around $2.80 per ounce.