‘Surgical dyed clothes’ is a trend that can be found in some parts of the world, says surgeon

DYING CLOTHES have become a popular fashion trend in some areas of the developed world, with the Australian surgeon who pioneered the technique saying it was a “very, very popular way of removing the scar”.

Dr John Tinkler said the process was widely used in some Asian countries, including China, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Dr Tinkling, a specialist in orthopaedic surgery at the Melbourne Royal Melbourne Hospital, said patients often chose to remove scar tissue by using surgical gloves, which he described as being “soft and flexible”.

“They also use a cotton cloth, but it’s very, very thin and it doesn’t stick very well,” Dr Tinklerson said.

“If you wear gloves, they stick, so you have to take them off very gently.”

Dr Tinks said the gloves were sometimes used to treat burns or other skin injuries, and often were applied as a final step before the surgery.

“A lot of times you can take them out, but sometimes you don’t want to do that because you can’t get a good, consistent, tight fit,” Dr Marnie said.

Dr Marni said the practice had been growing in popularity for a number of reasons.

“We think that people like it, it’s not that hard and if you do it correctly, it can help you,” she said.

She said the technique was used in Asian countries and was popular because it was safe and not invasive.

“It’s not the worst thing in the world if you can get the right fit, it just means you don,t have to cut through your skin,” Dr Zemmour said.

He said some surgeons believed it was easier to do than other surgeries.

“You can do a lot of different things and do different types of operations and it’s more likely to work out because the surgeons don’t have to do the surgery all over again,” he said.

However, Dr Mavon said there was also a risk of scarring if the gloves had been used incorrectly.

“Sometimes it’s a bit tricky because they can wear the gloves off and it can create a gap, so it’s better to wear gloves,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“There are a lot more scarring problems in surgery, where the gloves aren’t as tight, so we think it’s probably a little bit more riskier.”

Dr Mavons surgery to remove a skin lesion was a major success, leading to the creation of a new company, Surgical Surgical Innovations.

The company was started by Dr Mavan and his team to promote the use of the technology and to offer more education about it.

Dr Zemman said the technology was being used to remove more skin lesions in the Western world, including in the United States, and he believed it could also be used in Australia.

“This is not the first time that surgeons have tried this, but this is the first successful surgery where they were able to remove the scarring without the use any instruments, so I think it is a very promising prospect,” he Dr Zeman said.

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