The most expensive garments in Britain are now on sale

We live in a time when women’s clothing is no longer limited to the domestic sphere, but the world of fashion is moving beyond the home.

The first ever fashion show in the UK is taking place on February 12, featuring top-quality clothing from all over the world.

We spoke to the designers behind the latest fashions to find out how they are working to bring their wares to market, and why the price of their creations has soared in recent years.

Here are the 10 most expensive women’s fashion items.


The Pina Colada A woman in Japan recently purchased a $5,000 pair of pants, which she was only able to find in the country.

Her clothes cost $4,800.


The “Dirty Love” skirt In Australia, a woman was asked to wear a pair of shorts that cost $1,500 each.

They were made from wool and had a leather lining and a waistcoat.


The V-neck T-shirt In China, a man was asked by a customer to wear an outfit with a neckline made from “V-neck cotton.”

The shirt cost $2,500.


The T-shirts in Italy The designer of a pair that cost £1,000 each in Spain and Italy were unable to find the appropriate t-shirts to match the style of the dress.

He had to pay an extra £1.30 to have them made.


The $1.5 pair of shoes An American woman bought a pair from a store in Brazil, which were made of $1 each and sold for $3,500 at a flea market in Las Vegas.


The £5,500 dress made in France The designer and co-owner of a London-based brand, T-Zone, was asked what she wanted her dress to look like and was told she could only have it made in her country.

The dress cost £5 and went on sale for $2.25.


The high-waisted gown in Spain The designer said that the dress cost $3.5 to make in Spain.


The €5,800 suit in India The designer, who works in India, said that she was given an offer to make a suit in the market but had to charge an extra €1,800 to get the garment.


The pair of £1 shoes in Australia A woman from the UK had to travel to Australia to buy a pair, which cost her $3 to make.


The designer’s £4,500 silk dress from China The designer had to spend more than $4 million to make the silk dress in China.