How to get a vegan restaurant to stop serving bacon

“Vegan restaurants are a huge part of our city.

I love going to a vegan-friendly restaurant.

I would love to see more restaurants that are actually catering to the city.”

– Yeezy “I have been in every vegan-focused restaurant I’ve been to, and I don’t think they’ve ever turned me away.

But there are a lot of restaurants that really care about the people in the restaurant, and they know the community that they’re serving.”

– Mike Brown, vegan chef at The Farm at Tanglewood source Politico article “It’s really important for us to get vegan-centric restaurants to be welcoming and respectful of the communities we serve.

If you do not know what your community is, it is not going to be the kind of place where people want to go to go out.”

– Tony, vegan at Tambi spot source Politico “I would really love to be able to come in here and see a place that was really welcoming and not just eat a bunch of food that was meant for animals.

There are so many vegan restaurants, and the people who work there are incredible.”

– Jessica Brown, owner of vegan bakery at Sweet Baby’s Cafe source Politico