How to make a fun look with beets and dyed clothing

Beets and dyeing are a fun way to make clothing that’s a little bit more unique and colorful.

We’re featuring a few different ways to use them.

If you’re a dyed-in-the-wool girl, there are many ways to make the look that’s both cute and fashionable.

Here are some of our favorite ways to create a pair of beets for a little more flair.1.

Use the dye to give the yarn a more subtle shine2.

Add a bit of beaded lace or chain 3.

Use it for a decorative element4.

Use beets as an accent piece to accentuate a necklace, belt, or scarf5.

Use a gradient for a more classic look6.

Use beet dye to add a sparkle to your outfit7.

Use this dye to accent a necklace or belt8.

Use black beet dye for a bold look, or mix it up with pink and brown for a unique look9.

Mix the beet dye and red dye to create an intense effect10.

Use pink beet dye as an embellishment on a necktie, or use red beet dye in a beaded hat.

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