How to dress like a superhero in DC comic book clothing

If you’ve been reading our daily roundup of all things DC comics, you know we love our superheroes.

But we also love the costumes.

We also love getting into costume contests.

So, we wanted to create a little fun for you to do something a little different, which is we are now giving away a DC costume from DC Comics.

This costume, which you can see in action below, will come with the DC Comics DC Comics Joker costume.

It features a red cape, a cape with a red bow, a red hood, a pink cape, red gloves, and a red hat.

The costume is available now, but you can get it for a price of $149.99 at the participating retailers, Walmart, Target, and Amazon.

Check out the video below for the full scoop on how you can win a DC Joker costume and more.