Holi Dye in Delhi

Diy dyed clothing in Delhi has been banned by the city’s council, saying it’s against the dress code and the city government is taking a proactive step to combat it.

The city’s chief minister has written to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to ask him to issue a directive against the dyeing of clothes.

We will take this step, said Sushil Kumar Modi, who is also a member of the Delhi government.

“Dyeing is a big issue, and we are trying to put a stamp of approval on it, he added.

The council also said that it has a special programme to provide clean drinking water for people.

It said that this programme will continue till December 31.

A Delhi government spokesperson said the department will not give any details about the matter, and would not comment on the council decision.

Modi has been in the news for his controversial comments on ‘sodhi’, the name of the dye used in dyeing clothes, which is commonly seen in Gujarati-speaking areas of Delhi.

He has previously described it as an ‘Indian-made’ term, which means it comes from Indian culture.

The name ‘sudha’ is also used for the dye in Gujarate-speaking countries.

Holi Dyes in Delhi: What you need to know