What is the new and improved Drip Cover?

What the Irish Times has dubbed the new Dripcover has been unveiled and it will make a huge difference to the way you get the most out of your Irish tea.

This new edition of the popular Drip cover comes with the same leather lining as the first edition, but is made of a softer cotton and is available in a range of different fabrics including linen, linen cotton, wool, and cotton linen.

The new cover is made from a durable, moisture-wicking material that has been infused with the taste of a real tea bag, with the feel of a cloth slip-on and the feel and feel of an ordinary tea bag.

A key difference between this new cover and the previous version is that it has been made from recycled materials that are also 100 per cent recyclable, as it’s not made from synthetic fibres like the previous editions.

So what’s new?

The DripCover comes with a wide range of fabrics including a range made from 100 per day recycled linen, 100 per year cotton and 100 per month linen.

There are also new designs for each of the fabrics, including a cotton linen cover and a linen slip-over, and the new cover will also come with a range on the back that features a ‘Made in Ireland’ tag.

The Dampens are an iconic brand in Ireland, and have been since the first issue of their ‘Drip’ magazine was launched in 1968.

It’s a brand that is synonymous with a simple and effective way of getting your daily cup of tea in the morning, and this latest edition will be a welcome addition to the range of new Dampen designs.

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