I had to wear a hat in the office for three months after my employer stopped using the word “dyed”

Hacker News article I had a job offer in India that would pay $600 a month but my co-workers weren’t very happy with that.

So I decided to wear some kind of hat.

I bought a set of four white-and-black cotton hats, which I then took to the office and hung from the ceiling to show my co to my coworkers that I was a bit of a hat-wearing hippie.

But my bosses weren’t all that happy either.

I had no idea what to expect when I showed up to work wearing a hat.

“Why are you wearing a head-to-toe hat?” my boss asked.

“Because that’s what you guys do in India,” I responded.

“I guess it’s better that way.”

The rest of the day went by in a haze of nerves, confusion and dread.

After that, I decided that it would be better to wear nothing at all.

I also figured that if my coworkers knew that I wore a hat, then they would also assume that I must be a bit weird.

I’ve come to the conclusion that wearing a face mask is just a way of distracting the people in the room.

My coworkers have to assume that all you do is hang out with your friends.

So for a while, I kept my head down and wore a mask only when my boss would get really cranky.

The result?

I found myself in an awkward situation.

When I first came out to my co, he told me that he hated the word hippie because it meant that everyone was an “outcast.”

“Hippie is a derogatory term for hippies,” he told his colleague.

“It’s not something I like to hear.”

So I started wearing a mask.

My co-worker called me a “psycho-queen” and a “freak.”

My boss told me to “take it off” because it’s a symbol of “degradation.”

“What do you mean?

Are you saying you don’t like the word?

You’re not a hippie.”

I was just trying to mask my discomfort by wearing a silly mask that made my co and co-employees think I was wearing a wig.

I would wear the mask as a sort of social mask, but my bosses and colleagues couldn’t see that I had the face mask on.

In the end, they decided that I should just go back to wearing the mask.

When my boss called me up the next day to complain about how I had been treating him, I said, “You’re so mean to me.”

“You should know that I have a full-time job and you don, too.”

I guess my boss thought I was doing my job by pretending to wear my mask.

I guess he was right.

After a while I had enough of wearing the face masks and began wearing a pair of white sneakers that had a face-mask on them.

The next day, my boss and colleagues were shocked when I told them that I hadn’t worn a mask since I had left my job in India.

They weren’t even surprised that I wasn’t wearing a full face mask.

They just assumed that I needed a mask just like everyone else.

I have been wearing the masks for about a month now and have had no problem.

They’re comfortable and I’ve been able to walk around in the hallways without anyone noticing.

I’m not even sure why they were called “babysitters.”

The only reason I haven’t gone back to a full mask is because my coworkers have been more than willing to pay me for it.

But I don’t see how I could ever get rid of the masks.

I’ll keep wearing them until I get one of my own.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people say to me, “Weirdo, you look like a hippy.”

So if you’re interested in a full head-mask, you can order one here.

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