Redhead wears her wig and tights in red-themed Halloween costume, says mum

A redhead who was dressed in a white wig and red tights has become a hit on Instagram.

Emily Waddell shared her outfit to her nearly 100,000 followers in a photo of herself with her hair in a bun.

Emily Waddells photo on Instagram: “It’s a lot of fun for the kids too and everyone is really enjoying it,” she said.

The 27-year-old said she had wanted to wear the costume for a few months but wasn’t sure what to wear.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted it to look like but I had the idea of it being a black wig and white tights,” she told The Sunday Telegraph.

“I decided to go for it because I love the colours.”

Emily’s mother, Melissa, said the photo had been shared more than 200,000 times on Instagram and she was overwhelmed.

She said the family were not sure when she would get to wear it again.

Melissa Waddels photo on Facebook: “We’re very excited because we love Emily so much, so it’s definitely one of those moments when you feel so excited and you’re just happy to see her again and it’s a bit of a surreal moment.”

The photo has been shared almost 200,003 times.

Emily’s mum Melissa Waddel shared the photo on her Facebook page: “Our daughter has had her own wig for the last couple of years and she has never looked back at it.”

She loves it and she loves to wear her wig.

“It’s not just for her, we also like to wear ours and it makes us feel like we are part of the family.”

Emily has not yet been to a costume shop and her mum Melissa said she would be disappointed if it wasn’t available to her.

There are many more redhead and Halloween costumes on Instagram, so why would Emily not be one of them?

Emily said the whole experience was a little surreal.

I’m sure it will make a huge impact on the whole family.

Melissa Wadsom said her daughter has also been following her Instagram page, and was excited to see the response.

We love our daughter so much and are really excited about her new costume!

Emily (@Emily_Waddell) October 10, 2018