‘Blueberry-Dye-Clothes-Pink’ Is Still Blueberry-Cola on The Food Network

RED MONDAY: The Blueberry Wine on the Food Network.


“Blueberries, of course, are not blueberries.

They’re a fruit, a tree.

And they’re not actually red.

Red is the color of blood.”

(ABC News) “I am a blueberry farmer,” she said.

“And if I had the chance to grow another red tree, it would be my baby.

And I don’t have that option.” 

(ABC News: Amy Acker, “The Food Network” – April 18, 2018) The first-time Blueberry Farmers’ Dinner in the Midwest was a hit with the audience, she said, and she has seen it repeat, but it’s always been a different crowd, the farmers’ and the show’s.

The producers were so excited by the response to the Blueberry Family dinner that they were thinking of going for the full-day event, she added.

“I know people in this community who don’t go to Blueberry Farms,” she explained.

“But it’s just been a wonderful event.

I’ve had a lot of people come to the farm.” 

In addition to producing the blueberry wine, she is also the owner of Blueberry Vineyard in the Ozark Mountains, which she owns with her husband.

“They say that if you don’t like something, leave it alone,” she recalled.

“That’s exactly what I did with my blueberry vines.

And the Blueberries are not going anywhere.

We are going to do this until they grow.

And we’re going to have a little blueberry farm, a little vineyard, and maybe a couple of other little things.” 

The farm has been in operation since 2009, and is one of three Blueberry vineyards in the county. 

(Red MONDays: Chris Johnson, “ABC News” – May 3, 2018; “ABC Nightline” – July 3, 2016)  “I know that it’s going to be a long road,” she added, “but we’re all going to get there.

I mean, we have to.” 

“The Blueberry wines and the Blueberries are going, and so are the BlueBerry Farms,” said the farm owner. 

“We’re going through a lot, but I’m looking forward to it,” she continued.

“The Blueberries have been here for many years, and it’s really great to have them back.

They really have brought joy to my life.”