Hillary Clinton: Trump’s tweets are ‘misleading’ and ‘troubling’

Hillary Clinton said Thursday that Donald Trump’s “misleading and troubling” tweets are “troublesome.”

“We are at a moment where the president has been tweeting, tweeting, and tweeting about the Iran deal,” Clinton said in a speech in South Carolina.

“And it’s so troubling because we know that Iran has taken an important step toward having nuclear weapons.”

Trump, however, has not yet commented on the deal.

The U.S. is negotiating the deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran, a nation that has long sought nuclear weapons.

“I’ve seen his tweets about this deal and I’ve seen them before, and it’s troubling,” Clinton told the audience at the University of South Carolina in Columbia.

“He’s making an issue of Iran that, I think, is really important for the world.”

Clinton also criticized Trump for suggesting that the Iran nuclear deal was a mistake because Iran is “being a great friend” of the U.K. Clinton, the former secretary of state, added that Trump “is trying to make it look as if he’s a good guy who’s trying to help his country.”

The Democratic nominee has been critical of Trump during the presidential campaign, particularly over his repeated attacks on Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

The GOP nominee has suggested that the senator had been captured in Vietnam.

Clinton said she was concerned about “the president’s rhetoric and how he’s been using his Twitter account.”

She said that Trump’s tweet about McCain was a “mistake” and called for his resignation.

“It is deeply troubling that a president who has not held public office has taken such a position about the president of the United States,” she said.