What to do if your cat is dying from a clothe

A natural dyed cloth that looks like a natural hair dye is being tested in a study in the UK.

The cloth is being developed as a potential treatment for cats that suffer from hair loss caused by a clotting disorder, which is often fatal.

Professor Paul McLean from the University of Edinburgh’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology said: “Our goal is to provide natural alternatives to hair dye, but also to develop new treatments to control clotting disorders in cats.”

It’s very difficult to control a clot in cats but if we can make the treatment easier to use, it will make a big difference.

“The researchers say the treatment could be used to treat a variety of conditions including cataracts, diabetes and even kidney disease.

Professor McLean said the researchers were working with researchers in Japan, the US and Canada to further develop the technology.

He said: “[We] have already shown that the treatment is safe, that the clotting process is reversible and that it’s not causing any harm to cats.

We also found that it was effective in cats that are dying of anemia or kidney failure.

“The treatment will be used by vets in the future to treat some of the more common cataract problems that can lead to catarctive events, but we hope that it will be adopted by vets and veterinary clinics around the country.”

The research was carried out in collaboration with the Royal Veterinary College of Edinburgh, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the Scottish Veterinary College.

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