What you need to know about the new white clothing dyes

The White House is making headlines again, this time for its use of a dyes that is not the original cotton-blend variety, but a synthetic, black dye that is a mix of the two.

This comes after the Obama administration made headlines earlier this year when the National Park Service ordered a change to the dyes they were using, after a spate of complaints about dyes being dyed in black.

The new dyes are made with a synthetic blend of two dyes, and are designed to blend in better with the earth, according to the White House.

The dyes were approved by the Office of Management and Budget last year. 

As the White house’s chief of staff, Katie Walsh, said in a statement, these new dices are designed for use by our parks and recreation workers to blend into the landscape, “making our parks more vibrant and accessible to all of our visitors.”

The new “Dry and Wet” dyes will be used by the park service to maintain the landscape of the parks and recreate natural environments and features of the National Parks and Forests, the White and Last Resort in Grand Forks, N.D., and the National Wildlife Refuge in Big Bend National Park, according the Whitehouse. 

The dyes can be used for a variety of projects including natural beauty restoration, restoring wetlands, restoring wildlife habitat, and to enhance wildlife and plant life. 

In the past, the dices were used to dye fabric for use in dyes used for fabrics, such as cotton-reinforced polyester. 

For more information on the dunes, the “Dye the Dunes” campaign and the dinos that live on them, visit www.thewhitehouse.gov.