A new line of clothing from Dye Drop is on the way: new wool slipcover

The new DyeDrop collection includes a new wool fabric slipcover that you can use on any item that you’re buying in Dye Drops online store.

Dye drop was founded in 2013 and it currently has a total of 8,974 stores in 36 countries.

This is just a small sampling of the many ways Dye has helped create and support businesses in the UK, which include an award-winning fashion label, the first female-owned clothing line, a clothing company that creates women’s clothing, and more.

DYE drops are available now in select stores in the United Kingdom, including Boots, Asda, ASOS, and Sainsbury’s. 

DyeDrop is available at DyeClip, Boots, Sainsburys, as well as online at DYEClip.com.