How to dye a rag from cotton to red

How to make a red rag.

1 / 2 Fox Sports What you need to know about the red rag dye.

What you’ll need to do to dye the rag.

What to do before and after you start.

How to prepare a red-tipped rag.

Dry the rag thoroughly.

Mix three tablespoons of vinegar with three tablespoons white vinegar.

Add two tablespoons of salt and one tablespoon of turmeric powder to the vinegar.

Add one tablespoon vinegar to the turmeric and one teaspoon of salt.

Add a little water to the mixture.

Mix the rag in a bowl.

Dip the rag into the vinegar, and then add the remaining water.

Let it soak for about five minutes.

Ditch the rag and let it dry completely.

Mix a little of the vinegar into the red dye and add it to the rag, and dip the rag with the vinegar in the dye.

Now, you’re ready to use.

Mix together a couple of tablespoons of mustard seeds and a tablespoon of black pepper.

Put a bit of the red-dye dye into the rag to make it red.

Dye the rag on the side, and tie the rag at the back.