Palestinians dig graves of murdered brothers

The family of a Palestinian who was killed by Israeli troops in 2014 while trying to rescue a Palestinian teenager from a house fire has decided to bury his body at sea.

Tahia Abu-Zayyad was 15 when he was shot in the head in a house in the al-Araqib refugee camp, the Israeli military said in a statement Tuesday.

The statement said the bodies of his parents and two sisters were later found in the sea.

The family has decided not to bury their son at sea, saying that the burial ceremony is an important ritual to mark the moment of death, the statement said.

The killing of Abu-Zeidah, whose body was found in August 2015, was condemned by both Palestinians and Israelis, with Israel blaming the teen’s father and the Israeli Defense Forces for the incident.

Abu-Zeidan was shot at least two times by an Israeli soldier and died of his injuries a few days later.

His parents were not identified, and Israeli media outlets reported the bodies were in a nearby cemetery.

The Israeli military released a video in February 2016 that showed soldiers firing at Abu-zeidah while he was lying on the ground.

The soldiers said they were searching for a man who had fled the house and had been missing for several days.