How a treehouse saved the world from the plague

The treehouse that saved the day for those of us living in New York City, according to the New York Times, may have been a hoax.

The tree was built by an art gallery in Manhattan, and a group of volunteers had installed it in the midst of the pandemic, according a post on a social media website that claimed to be the original.

It was so effective that it saved lives.

After it was installed in mid-May, the treehouse and its volunteers, who were then working with a new infection control system, began a campaign to help others infected with the new coronavirus.

But that was not the whole story.

The New York branch of the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) had purchased the building from the museum and the city had approved it as a permanent public space, so it wasn’t considered a public place at the time.

But it is.

As it turns out, it was not just a temporary temporary structure.

The AIC had been planning to tear down the building and rebuild it as an art installation, but they decided to hold off for now.

After they were informed that it was going to be a permanent building, they immediately decided to make a deal to keep the structure for a year, the Times reported.

So that means the structure is currently being restored to its original state, which is why it was designed by an architect with expertise in urban design.

The story also mentions that the structure was also originally designed to house a gallery of art, but the AIC decided not to do that, and instead decided to build a new art gallery.

According to the Times, this may be because the building is located in the very center of Manhattan, but it also may be that the Aic had a hard time getting the building approved for this purpose, as it is near some of the worst areas in the city.

It’s not clear how long the building will be in its current state, but if it stays that way, the art gallery will be open again.

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