‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry’: Australian man apologises for wearing dyed clothes

A man who has worn dyed clothes in an attempt to show he is an Australian has apologised after wearing them on a Facebook Live stream.

The man posted the video to his Facebook page and told viewers he was sorry for the way he looked and that he was wearing clothes that were too “dirtier” than they were.

“I’m not really a designer and I don’t really care about the looks of others,” the man said in the video.

“But it was really hard on me, and I think that’s OK.”

When I put on this hat it was a bit of a shock to people.

“The man wore his dyed clothes for 10 minutes.

He also posted the clip to his page, explaining that he did not want to make people “feel bad about wearing clothes” and that it was not an effort to make others feel better.”

There are a lot of people out there who wear clothes that are too dirty to wear and it’s OK, that’s what people do.

“They don’t mind,” he said.

“It’s just how they dress and how they behave.”

A Facebook post from the man, who wishes to remain anonymous, on Sunday said the “bad look” he was trying to convey was the result of the “toxic atmosphere” he faced while living in Sydney.

“So what’s the answer?

I think I’ve come up with the answer: I’m not a designer, I don\’t really care.

I just want to be accepted and liked for who I am,” he wrote.”

The Facebook Live broadcast was filmed on February 22 and was posted on February 24.”

I just want everyone to accept me as I am.”

The Facebook Live broadcast was filmed on February 22 and was posted on February 24.

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