The Avocado Dye Company is the New Avocado Company

Next Big Futures is owned by Yeezy, the brand name used for the jeans worn by Drake and other rappers. 

The new clothing line will feature designs inspired by the company’s “Avocado” label. 

In a statement to Mashable, the company said:”We have been working hard to bring our Avocado line to market and we are excited to finally release a collection that is reflective of the vibrant and vibrant culture that Yeezys passion for diversity is celebrated.”

Yeezy also released a statement saying it was proud to partner with Next Big futures. 

“Yeezy’s Avocado brand embodies the essence of individuality and individuality is the cornerstone of all YeeZys products.

We are honored to partner on this line of clothing with Next BIG Futures,” the statement read. 

The Avocado label was introduced in 2018 by Yeezys founder, Dr. Dre. 

In the statement, Yeezer said the line will also feature items inspired by Yeese, including a line of hats and shoes that are “inspired by YEEZY’s iconic design”. 

“This is the most incredible moment of our lives,” the Yeezymaker said.

“We are thrilled to share our vision for our Avocados with the world.

Avocado clothing has never been better.

I am excited to share this with everyone, and it is the best way to celebrate the incredible work that our Yeezies have been doing to help bring more attention to diversity.”

Yeezys line of avocados is currently available in more than 200 stores across the US.

Development Is Supported By

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