A New Jersey woman is calling out ‘dy clothes’ for the same reason her daughter’s clothing brand is called Dyke Couture

A former New Jersey man says he’s found a way to make his daughter’s denim jeans “dy-colored,” even though his daughter has never dyed her hair.

The New Jersey City man told ABC 7 News that he’s not sure why his daughter, Brittany, had dyed her dyed hair when she was little, but he has the answer.

According to Brittany’s Instagram page, she grew up in New Jersey and was taught by her grandmothers to wear “dy” clothing.

She even posted a photo of herself with a shirt and pants with “dy dye.”

“It’s a fun thing that she did, and I think she enjoyed it,” said the man, who asked ABC7 News not to use his name because he doesn’t want his daughter to suffer.

“I didn’t have any problems growing up, and she was always a pretty sweet little girl,” he said.

“But I do have to say, she was just a little bit too young to understand that she wasn’t supposed to dye her hair,” he added.

“So it’s hard to explain to her why she didn’t.”

He said his daughter never dyed his dyed hair because he was too young.

“I think she just thought it was a cool way to show her love for me and her family, and that’s what I told her,” he explained.

The man said his decision to take matters into his own hands wasn’t the best.

“If she’d been a teenager or a kid that had dyed hair, it would have been a different story.

But my daughter was just too young,” he told ABC7.

He added that he will probably go back to his daughter and have her dyed again someday.ABC7 contacted Dyke Clothing for comment.