Organic dyed clothing line in China hits shelves

China has launched a line of organic dyed cloths in the country to promote its booming natural-resource sector, with the government promising a better living standard for consumers.

The products, which have been designed to look natural, have been launched in three provinces, the Xinhua news agency reported, citing a ministry statement on Saturday.

The ministry said the “distinctively organic” clothes are suitable for consumers in different age groups and ethnicities.

The products have been manufactured at an industrial park in Shaanxi, Xinhua said.

They were unveiled in March, as China celebrated its National Day, the Chinese New Year.

“Our aim is to promote healthy living standards and ensure a better standard of living for all citizens, while promoting the quality and value of our natural resources,” it said.

The announcement comes amid a global push for natural-resources companies to develop products that are both eco-friendly and cheap.

China has been grappling with a growing shortage of natural- resources, including land and water, and with a severe drought.

Many natural- resource companies have struggled with poor sales of their products in the past two years, as demand has declined.

Beijing is trying to address the shortage of resources through ambitious plans to diversify its economy, but also by trying to boost its exports.

Some local governments have already banned the use of pesticides, while some companies have started to produce cheaper alternatives to synthetic pesticides.