How China is ‘rebuilding’ its clothing industry after years of political uncertainty

China’s clothing industry is “rebuilding” after years under political uncertainty, and its garment industry is expected to create 2.3 million new jobs over the next five years, according to a new report.In addition to the manufacturing of clothing, the Chinese government is investing in “new products, services and technologies” to make clothing more durable and

How to hand dye cloth

Hand dyed cloth is one of the oldest methods of textile production, dating back to the Middle Ages.In addition to the traditional method of dyeing cloth with hot wax, hand dyeing can be used for other tasks, such as dyeing clothes, socks, and shoes.However, this process is still somewhat expensive, especially for beginners.Hand dyed fabrics

When ‘The Avocado Dyed’ is Your Own Dinner: A Dapper Dinner Party with the New York Chef’s Dress and Tuxedo

With the introduction of a new season of Avocado dyes, there’s a lot of new clothes to look forward to in the fall.But before you dive into the new season’s crop of clothes, here’s a look back at the past to get you started.A couple of weeks ago, the New Orleans–based restaurant company A.B. Bourdain