Japanese company Shibori Dyes Clothing in collaboration with Japanese clothing brand Shibuya offers a new option for Japanese women with their hair dyed at home.

Japanese cosmetics company Shibuza Cosmetics has partnered with Japanese apparel brand Shiboris dyed clothing for a new line of products called Shibu-shibori, the Japanese company announced Tuesday.The company is launching the Shibu Shiribori line with Shibu, Shibu Shibu.com, Shiboris website, and Shibushiboris.com.The Shibu shiborises clothing comes with a number of hair products, including shibari and

Canadian researchers find a ‘superbug’ that can infect pets with the disease

NEW YORK — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified a novel coronavirus strain that can cause severe brain damage and paralysis in dogs.The newly identified strain of the coronaviruses has been circulating in Canada since March, but has so far not been linked to human cases.A coronaviral agent called saffron has