A new natural dyed clothing line from Crackle dyed fabric that bleeds color

The new natural dye clothing line for fashion designers and consumers is on the rise.Crackle, a New Zealand-based company, is selling natural dyed fabric for a range of clothing, accessories and apparel products.The brand is working with clothing and fashion designers to develop a range that blems the color blue.“Our main focus has been on

Why do you need to wash your clothes in vinegar?

Posted February 16, 2019 05:02:23I’ve been wondering for quite a while what vinegar is, and I’ve seen some videos of it being used to wash clothes, but I’ve never heard anyone use it to bleach clothes.I’ve heard that it’s good for stains, but no one has actually tried it for bleach.I did a quick Google

Which pigment dye can I use?

In general, it’s recommended to use only the lightest, most pigmented dye.But some people may need to dye their clothing more intensely to achieve the desired effect.The darker the pigment, the more time and effort it takes to create the desired results.Here are the different pigments that will produce the desired color: red, orange, green,