The 10 worst-dressed Americans

Dressed to impress, they have the wrong clothes for the job.¬†1.¬†Fashionably dressed.2.Dressed like a teenager.3.Dress like an idiot.4.Dresses like a school teacher.5.Disco-dwelling.6.Dressing like a stripper.7.Dancing.8.Dumb.9.Daring.10.Dismissively dressed.What do you think?The Huffington Post asked readers for their take on this week’s list.Read the full HuffPost Style story here.

Watchdog found in new study on artificial intelligence and the ‘digital economy’

In the latest development in a growing field of AI, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are finding evidence that machine learning techniques are being used to help identify patterns in data that could be used to identify patterns of wear and tear in clothing.In their research, published in the journal Psychological Science, the researchers

What you need to know about the Netflix ‘shibori’ controversy

By: Sarah HuttererA new report has exposed a new form of the controversy over the Netflix series “Shibori” and its new “dy-de-wet” clothing style.As a result, Netflix has decided to change the show’s logo to a red dot and the color of its clothing to be darker, while also making it clearer that it is

When you get dyed clothes: Is it ethically or environmentally safe?

In 2014, the Supreme Court in a landmark judgment upheld the right of a couple of men to wear dyed clothes to celebrate the wedding of their children.The court said they were “not wearing clothes to hide the wedding”.It is now common practice in India to dye clothes with henna and paint them with the

Why does your lawn look so good?

When it comes to the color of your lawn, there are some pretty obvious reasons.For one, there is the matter of the grass.When you’re growing your own, you don’t want to have to buy your lawn and fertilizer separately.And while the fertilizers are generally free of harmful chemicals, you still need to wash it regularly.You’ll